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Earl James Bee School

You KNOW you want to "Bee"come a Beekeeper!

Our 2017 classes were a huge success! If you missed out this year, become a member and start learning. If you want to get on the list for next year's classes, drop us an email at info@e-coba.org

 Want to just be a member?

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Learning is fun and easy when you attend the ECOBA Earl James Bee School. You will learn about:

  • The colony & its organization
  • The equipment and tools involved & the components of a hive
  • Starting with bees
  • How to take care of your bees
  • Managing Maladies
  • Honey production & processing

We will teach you getting started with bees,  practical beekeeping, pest management, wintering your bees and so much more! The instructors are experienced beekeepers with a love for teaching.

Each bee school is from 9-4, with a lunch provided. You are encouraged to brings snacks to share with the group, and drinks for yourself. 

Additional hands on training, equipment building sessions, etc. will be offered and announced during your class session, and mentors will be available to you to assist after the classroom sessions are over. Monthly meetings are also held for our entire membership which provide for additional knowledge, bulk purchasing opportunities, volunteer and practical, hands on events. An active first and second year teaching beeyard, and equipment build day, round out the bundle of benefits realized through your class fee.

If you have registered, we will contact you closer to your actual class date as a reminder and to let you know what to expect, and with the details of the class.

Location of the class will be at the Infirmary Mound Park on State Route 37 south of Granville and will be based strictly upon capacity. It is usually very centrally located to everyone in our member counties.

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