East Central Ohio Beekeepers Association


Speaker Schedule for 2017 


January 2017 - Joe Latshaw- 

February 2017 - Barb Bloetscher - State of Ohio Apiarist, Also Dean Kreager fro the Ohio State University will be on hand for a Q&A on the new law that requires beekeepers to have a relationship with a veterinarian in the event of any disease requiring a drug of medical importance, including oxytetracycline (Terramycin), lincomycin (Lincomix) and tylosin (Tylan). I

March 2017 - Dan O'Hanlon - Beekeeper and queen producer from West Virginia

April 2017 - Gene Kritsky, Author of The Quest for the Perfect Hive

May 2017 - Nancy Ostiguy - Associate Professor of Entomology, Penn State University

June 2017 - David Tarpy, Professor and Extension Apiculturalist, North Carolina State University

July 2017 - annual picnic

August 2017 - Denise Ellsworth

September 23, 2017 - Our annual conference to be held in Zanesville. Speakers will include:
Tom Seely - Noted author,  he is the Horace White Professor in Biology, in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University - his publication, Following the Wild Bees. The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting, is one of the most interesting pieces of work in the beekeeping field, and Tom will be discussing,
Gary Reuter - He is a past president of both Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association and Wisconsin Honey Producers Association and director of the American Beekeeping Federation. From the University of Minnestoa Bee Lab
Keith Delaplane - Professor, Walter B. Hill Fellow & Honey Bee Program Director, University of Georgia

October 2017 - Chili Cook-off fundraiser/contest and presentation by our scholarship students.

November 2017 - our annual giveaway meeting

December 2017 - annual banquet 

Please note, due to the popularity of our current speaker schedule, and our limited seating, all non-members attending a meeting will be required to pay $5.00 at the door. September speakers will be via our Annual conference, and will require registration and an additional fee to attend for all members and non-members.

ASSOCIATION CLOTHING ORDERS  - You can order your red shirts from Mark Hanna at Sportsales.  His phone number is 614-868-1899 or 614-419-9766.  Tell him your shirt size and name you want on front. Make sure he knows you are with the bee club or he will charge you more.  Hope everyone gets involved so we look like a club at the fairs and outings we do. Thanks to everyone that is helping and keep up the good work.  Give him your address to get it shipped to you!!!!!!!

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Albaugh - maalbaugh@outlook.com

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